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Welcome to the website of Gem Ferret Care Group.

 Care and advice - PR Displays / Talks - Judged shows - Rescue and re-homing

Sussex Ferret Group with members in Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Our Aims

  • to promote the good care of ferrets, both working and pets

  • to raise awareness of these marvellous animals

  • to attend events with well behaved and healthy ferrets

As part of this members of the club also

  • care for lost, ill and mistreated ferrets

  • re-home these animals when fit and well

We are available to give talks and advice about ferrets, to introduce members of the public to ferrets, to attend shows and events - providing a  display of ferrets and information......If you feel we could add something to your event, provide a different speaker for your group, a challenge to budding photographers or you are just plain curious to meet a ferret - please contact us

Yours won't be the strangest request we will have had! You can now find us on facebook - Gem Ferret - make us one of your friends

Ferrets First and Foremost  Club motto

Sleepy Sussex Ferrets

Please email with ideas for our website.

We will always check any stray ferrets for microchips

If you would like advice about micro-chipping your ferret then please contact us or your vet.

Always needed - indoor cages (free)

If you have a spare or un-needed indoor cage we are always needing them for rescue ferrets. We can also pass on any hamster/rat cages to the local rodent rescue.

We could also use any un-wanted carriers for transporting ferrets.

Contact ferretjane with details

If you offer to re-home a ferret or make a donation to the club please check that the person is a member of the group - all members have a membership card with the current year on it - this will ensure that we are not being misrepresented -

Thank you

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