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Why Ferrets ?

So why do we all keep ferrets and spend our spare time promoting these animals as both pets and working animals?

They have a great character and make very responsive pets.

They can live indoors or outside.

Very few people are allergic to them even if they may be allergic to cats or dogs. -I am one of these people.

We like to be different.

Some of us like to keep up the countryside traditions and work our ferrets. We like rabbit as much as them.

Why not!!

Ferret History

      Ferrets are members of the Mustelidae family, and are related to the otter, weasel, polecat, stoat,  mink, marten and badger. Until 1997 the skunk was also a member of this group.

      It is thought they were first brought to this country by the Romans some two thousand years ago and have been domesticated since then. 

      Traditionally the ferrets have been used to chase out rabbits and rats from their borrows and homes for the farmer/rabbiter to dispatch the animal.  Very rarely does the ferret kill down the hole.

      Today, ferrets are just as likely to be kept as pets and many have commented on how good a pet they are.


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