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Morticia's Babies



Morticia one of our rescues gave birth to her babies in 2006. We have taken pictures as the kits have grown.


1 day old                                                                                                1 week old

1 week old                                                                                       2 weeks old

2 weeks old

First hold                                                                                                 A lovely little boy

Mum and one baby in their new home - happy and spoilt                    Here is mum now - in her new home - with a new name Asbo

Morticia (Asbo ) and one baby went to live with Josh and his mum - more pictures on the Pictures link


Just thought I'd drop you a line to remember me to you firstly, it's Jan who came with my 2 children during the summer holiday to adopt one of Morticas babies and the albino.

The albino has been called Forrest and the poley Slinky  (I was NOT taking it to the vet being called Polo or Brad Pitt!!). They have settled in really well with Donut (my baby) and are having a brilliant life in their HUGE cage which is due to be moved shortly into their new bigger shed - they live better than me. The other half is already making a Christmas list for them!!
I have attached a photo  - with the help of Ryan.


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